The decision for bringing out this website which deals with herbs & medicinal plants started about 5 years back. Desire to come up with comprehensive detail with image took time.Whole objective is to get you the information about  best plants which are useful to  mankind. In India there are such precious plants are plenty. In the ancient days  sages used to live in Gurukulas established in secluded areas in forests. Sages routinely investigated and used medicinal plants. The medicines prepared from these herbs were used for treating people. We are putting relentless effort to bring you the update and information of precious plants. This will create more interest in general public about medicinal herbs and their usage.

Through this website, our aim is to make people aware of important Ayurvedic herbs and their uses. To facilitate identification , we have tried our best to represent through best photographs.

We have made sincere efforts to bring more information about herbs, medicinal plants, herbal medicine, natural remedies from plants, herbal remedies,indoor herb garden plants,medicinal herbs & natural medicine,growing herbs,healing herbs and fresh herbs

Medicinal uses of herbs as described in this website are based on various traditional resources and from existing available knowledge as established by scholars of Ayurved.

Author Name : Vishnumurthy Hegde : I am passionate about herbs & medicinal plants and I am lucky to have like minded people on he same subject . This inspired us to bring you this unique website . We are confident of getting you very useful detail about herbs and medicinal plants. Please write to us and we are keen to know your feedback and valuable inputs.

Thanks for watching and welcome!

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