Bitter Gourd

Family Name : Cucurbitaceae ,English name : Bitter gourd ,Sanskrit: Karvellak ,Hinid: Karela

Its many properties are well known to all diabetic patients who especially consume its juice and its cooked dish.


Generally it is grown all over India. Its stem is soft and hairy. Leaves are 1-5 inches broad round with deep serrated corners and divided into 5-7 sections.

Flowers are shiny yellow in colour. Fruits are 1-2 inch long and thick from middle and pointed towards both the ends.

It promotes digestive function is purgative, bitter and cold. It cures cough, anaemia infections of wound, burning sensation, dermatoses and is anti pyretic. It cures fever, blood disorders, jaundice, and diabetes and is anthelmintic.

 It is widely used to treat following:


Eye disorders

Ear pain




Throat problem

Nausea in children

Bleeding piles

Menstrual cycle


Intestinal worms



Sexual vigour

Skin disorders

Pneumonia in children